How To Relieve Stress In A Few Easy Steps [Full Guide]

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How To Relieve Stress

In the last years, stress is starting to be one of the most popular diseases spreading in the world, and there is literally dozens of factors influencing that. In a world full of news that can be stressful, with all the challenging times that went on the world specially these last years, it is common for people to feel stressed and look for ways on how to relieve stress.

To try to solve anything, it is necessary to address first the problem, then see and understand the factors that are causing this problem to happen, then you can find solutions and apply them. Stress is a natural response that any human experience in his life, but it becomes a problem when it gets out of control.


Sometimes, this natural response, that is designed by our mind in order to protect us against any potential harm or problems that may influence our safety badly, it can become over and be the reason making our life worse. So, if you searched for a solution for your over stress and anxiety and you are taking time to read this article, then you did the first part in order to solve it which is understanding the problem.

Stress is a response caused by the brain that can sometimes even influence the body and can even cause muscle spasms, shaking hands, sweating… etc. As it is designed to put the body in the fight or flight type of response so the body is completely prepared for any fast action needed.


But as this kind of response isn’t needed in most times, and it’s just because of some day to day problems regarding work or family for example, then this stress should be relieved and get back the peace every human being deserves. This can happen by lot of solutions that are designed to help relieve stress and anxiety.

How To Relieve Stress Using Meditation


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One of the most effective ways in order to relieve stress, is mindful meditation. It is not necessary to be aware of all these fancy and advanced Yoga poses or to enter a Yoga class.

Starting meditation can be so easy, as meditation itself is not about reaching a goal and about thinking of something. It is the art of knowing how to calm the mind and clean it from any unnecessary thoughts and stop the racing thoughts. You can easily start by doing mindful breathing.

Simplytake 10 minutes of your time and sit in a confortable way, calm your body and your shoulders. Start breathing normally, but try to be mindful while breathing, close your eyes and just watch and be aware of each inhale and exhale.

You can try to count your breaths too in order to calm our mind and just try to let your mind get calmer. Try to start calming your body parts bit by bit while breathingstart by your toes and keep going up, until you reach your neck and your jaw and calm them too.


How To Relieve Stress Using Positive Affirmations


Affirmations are one of the most effective things that helps in the self-development journey, it can help you in any aspects of your life if you know how to use them. Here is a small guide on how to use them effectively.

Write down 10 affirmations starting with “I am” and then followed by a positive state like “happy and safe. Write them down in a paperwrite each one 21 times on a paper, and read them every morning or night 21 times each.

This can be a very easy process, but it can give magical results that are amazing, and the positive effects will come in a few days if not immediately after trying this process from the first time.


How To Stop Panic Attacks Using Breathing Techniques



Breathing has a big relation with stress, as when stress, the breathing change and it can cause a higher heart beat rate. And by manipulating your breathing through some exercices, you can feel immediate relief. There is literally so much breathing exercices that can be done in order to feel calmer.

One of the easiest and also the most effective ones that are proven to work is the Wim Hof method, that is so easy to follow and you can the guided breathing from here.




Stress can be challenging feeling that lot of people experience, know that you are not alone, and that you will be okay. If you have any serious condition, we really advise you to check your local doctor to seek professional help; never hesitate to put your opinion on the article in the comment section, also any question is welcomed and we will do our best to respond quickly and answer your questions.


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  1. That’s a helpful article, and I tried the Wim Hof method and it’s working perfectly fine for me personally, and it helped me relieve my stress and anxiety level.

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