How To Get More Traffic in 2023

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How To Get More Traffic

Building a website or a blog is a very beautiful business to start as it can be companied with writing about your passion, as well as monetizing it. But, websites and blogs owners face a lot of challenges. It is not that easy to have the successful website you would like to have. Specially when it comes to traffic.

How to increase the traffic of your website

Getting more traffic is an essential thing that all websites are trying to do, and they try at every time new strategies and methods to do so. In this article, we are going to talk about multiple marketing channels that can help you get more traffic and visitors into your website.

How To Get More Traffic

How to get more traffic using seo?

SEO can be from the oldest and yet the most effective ways of building a solid amount of traffic. It would stand for Search Engine Optimisation if you didn’t know it before, and it is the art of developing your website in a way that would make it likeable to the search websites and mainly Google.

SEO is a very wise and long term type marketing channel, as it is something that would bring traffic for a long period of time as long as the website is getting ranked on terms that have a good search amount on them.In addition to that, what makes SEO beneficial and one of the main marketing strategies even big companies do use, it is that it is not a paid traffic source like PPC that would cost for every click of a new visitor.

Insteadit is just getting organic traffic via Google and other similar Search websites.

How to do SEO in 2023?

How To Get More Traffic seoDoing SEO was and still a very important step for every website, and there is some main things you should know when creating your SEO plan.

Keep in mind that SEO consists of two main factors that can be split into ON page and OFF page SEO.

And both of them is important to have an effective seo, but keep in mind there three types of seo which are: White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat.

What does that mean, is it really wearing colourful hats? No, it is just a metaphor for the kind of SEO strategy you will follow. So let’s get in depth on what is the on page and off seo first then you can understand which type of strategy you should follow.

On page SEO consists of improving your website itself, this means the overall experience of the user should be optimised. This includes a lot of factors. One of them is the page speed.

Optimizing the website speed consists of lot of steps, and it is considered one of the most important factors that Google care about in the last updates. So, whatever your SEO strategy ismake sure the first thing you optimize is the page speed and making your website responsive.

By saying responsive we don’t really mean these fancy designs of javascriptit is just the website being able to show the necessary pages in a good time and that the website looks beautiful. In addition to thatmake sure the website is built in a beautiful way that would make people stay in it.

And that is called bounce rate, and it is a very important factor too when it comes to on page seo. In addition to that, you should provide unique content and give value to the readers. Internal linking is a good option too, which is linking pages of your website with other pages in similar topic.

Also, putting outbound links can help, as it gives more credibility to the content. Outbound links are simply the links you put in your website/blog, that are pointing to high authority websites such as Wikipedia, Wikihow Etc

Why does these kinds of links help?

The simple answer is that it gives more credibility to you, as Google sees that you are mentioning some sources that it already trusts. And when you are pointing to high-quality links, its already a good piece of content and it may have a relation to these topics in these big websites. The point is very easy.

These are some of the most important factors that you should care about in your ON page SEO plan, so don’t miss them.

How can I do off page SEO?

OFF page SEO is the other side that should be done after the ON page SEO. It is having other websites that are trustworthy to Google, pointing to your website or pages in it. However, off page SEO isn’t necessary when you are doing white hat SEO that we talked about before.

Doing white hat SEO consists of focusing on having a good website. And doing good ON page SEO, and then not doing the Off page SEO. Its like believing that the website itself will be likable to a point that other website will mention it, and that readers will share it naturally.

Doing Grey Hat Seo means that you can build your own backlinks, and do the off page seo but in a very light way. On the other handdoing black hat seo means that you can do OFF page seo techniques and rely on backlinks even more.

How Get More Traffic Using Social Media

social mediaThere is lot of ways to bring traffic to a website, but one the biggest ways this year is social media for sure. Social media is already so big, and almost everyone use itand it is for sure one of the best ways to get traffic.

No mater what your niche isand what your website is about, there is always targeted traffic for your site in social media. There are users that are interested in every niche you can think of, and you can reach them in two ways.

Social media is already so big, and almost everyone use it, and it is for sure one of the best ways to get traffic. And that is the fastest way if you are really looking for instant results.

So you just set a budgetand you study which target you need to advertise to. You just see which platform is more suitable for youand you use it. Almost any social media ad platform gives you many ways right now to target the right users exactly.

Paid social media traffic isn’t only limited to the ads done by the platform. Many advertisers include other marketing channels such as outreaching influencers with a good following in your niche. Some can even find it more profitable than the actual ads platform, but it requires a good strategy too.

While all the strategies we mentioned are used to bring traffic, there is always more secrets and methods that are not shared in public. That way they stay more effective, and if you really want to increase your traffic that year, make sure you check the following course:


Bringing traffic to your website, as much as it can look challenging to some, it is doable with the right strategy. Make sure you check also the course we mentioned to get more in depth and get more knowledge to have a perfect website with large amounts of visitors.


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